Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Free Software of 2010-Video

AVI Extension Icon

Ever thought what you do on a computer screen was worthy of being made into a movie? CamStudio will make it so, recording all your on-screen actions—even audio to accompany it—and it can turn the whole thing into an AVI or SWF for streaming via Flash. 

Handbrake 0.9.4


Windows | Mac | Linux

Got a DVD you want to back up to your hard drive (which you'll only do if you own it so it's legal, right)? The open-source and cross-platform Handbrake will do this for you on any OS. What's more, it can convert video from the DVD, or any other digital video on your hard drive, into other formats more useful for playback.

Miro 2.5

Image representing Miro as depicted in CrunchBase
Windows | Mac | Linux
Version 2.5 of Miro stresses that it's an open-source HD video player and podcast collector; it gathers new episodes of shows instantly. Miro pulls HD versions when available, even from sites like YouTube, and a BitTorrent client and RSS reader is built in. Since it can download the videos it manages and plays, with Miro you can take your shows on the road when you don't have Internet access. 

The Miro Basics

  1. Preview episodes of shows in the Miro Guide.
  2. Click green "add" buttons to put a feeds or sites in your sidebar.
  3. Feeds in your sidebar automatically download new episodes (like a TIVO).

Take a Tour of Miro

Check out these still images of Miro in the screenshot gallery. Want something more dynamic? Watch this screencast video of Miro in action. Once you've seen that stuff, we highly recommend you download Miro .

Pencil 0.4.4b
Windows | Mac | Linux
The flip-book animation of the modern age is on the computer. Open-source Pencil makes it simple for any hand-drawing 2D animator, beginner or experienced, to get going on some future Oscar winners. 

TeleKast alpha
Windows | Linux

If you're ready to start reading on camera, or even just for audio, you can get some help from a teleprompter. That's expensive, but TeleKast isn't. You create the script, feed it to TeleKast, and the app displays your lines in an easy-to-read scroll so you won't stumble once.

VLC media player 1.0.5

VLC on Windows

Windows | Mac | Linux | Portable
No frills video and audio playback on any OS that works with just about any media format you can imagine (including DVD but not Blu-ray)? That's what VLC media player is all about. It can even stream media, both live from a mic or Webcam, or using pre-recorded files. VideoLAN's Wiki will take you through this programs powerful feature set.

Windows Live Movie Maker

 Make a movie quickly and easily
It used to come with Windows XP; now Movie Maker is part of Windows Live Essentials, so you download it separately for Vista or Windows 7. This is a completely new program and ties in tightly to other Live components like the Live Photo Gallery. Another sign of Movie Maker's relative modernity: it uses the "ribbon" interface introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. For easy Windows video editing videos, it's hard to beat.

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