Thursday, July 8, 2010

Credit-Card Hard Drive

The click free backup concept is a sound-one:Just plug in the drive and it automatically backs up all your data.Them the drive generates a report and becomes save to remove.That simple concept just got smaller with introduction of the Clickfree Traveler (16GB),a credit-card-size solid state drive (SSD) that can backup a maximum of 16GB.The traveler should be a part of any business commute kit,specially if you need an easy to use system to keep your DOCS safe.

The drive measures approximately 2.1 by 3.1 by 0.1 inches (HWD);note that it is about twice as thicker as a credit card.The permanently attached USB ribbon cable slides out of its storage slot easily and connects to a free USB port just as easily.Its auto-backup software look for data files like DOC(Word),XLS(Excel) and MP3 (Music) files.You can set it to backup files it doesn't recognize off the bat,but its built in list is pretty expensive.

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