Sunday, July 11, 2010


DisplayFusion Free
Give each of your multiple monitors its own Windows taskbar or wallpaper, span one long wallpaper across displays, move windows to new screens with a single click, and get better overall management of your program windows via hotkeys. DisplayFusion is ready to work with Windows 7.

 DeskHedron Free
Virtual desktops let you set up several distinct desktops on one monitor, so several apps can run simultaneously but you're presented with only one piece of software at a time. DeskHedron provides up to nine desktops, with fancy 3D animation when you switch between them.

  Edgeless Free
Why let the cursor stop at the edge of your display? Edgeless lets it wrap from one side to the other, even when using multiple monitors.

  Fences Free
Easily unclutter your desktop shortcuts and icons with Fences. It groups the items on your desktop into transparent containers you can hide or unhide at will. Works with Windows 7, too.

 MaxTo Free
On a big monitor with a lot of screen real estate, it doesn't make sense to run every application full-screen. MaxTo segments a display into regions for easily tiling windows as you see fit. It works with Windows 7.

 Pitaschio Free
Take control of how windows in Windows work. Make sure edges snap together rather than overlap, 'prevent windows from extending beyond the screen, disable special keys like Insert or the Windows key, and more.
PowerResizer Free
Dock windows to the edges of the screen and when you resize them with PowerResizer, they stay docked. If you put the windows side by side or atop each other, dragging one to resize will also resize the other so they never overlap.

Switcher Free
Exposé on the Mac instantly shows you the desktop, or all your open windows in various views, when you invoke a keystroke combo. Switcher brings that same function to Windows, and it works with a multi-monitor setup. The utility runs only on Vista, however.

ThetaWall Free
ThetaWall does more than just change the desktop wallpaper at prescheduled times; it also works with dual monitors and includes a screensaver.

VirtuaWin Free
Add up to nine virtual desktops to your system, on computers running Windows 98 all the way up to Vista. Access the other desktops via an icon in the system tray

WinSplit Revolution Free
Split your big screen into multiple smaller "monitors." Drag program windows around with the mouse while holding Ctrl-Alt to bring up a shaded area—that's the grid section that the window will snap to when released. If there are multiple targets, pick one with the mouse scroll wheel.

WindowsPager Free
Give Windows an Ubuntu-esque virtual desktop manager. This portable app integrates with the Windows taskbar to provide 4 instant virtual screens, but you can go up to 12. Right-click any open window's title bar to send it to the virtual screen of your choice.


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