Thursday, July 8, 2010

SurfSpeed 2: Test Your Surfing Speed

How SurfSpeed Works

Bandwidth testing sites download a single large file, initiating a single connection. Instead of downloading one large file over a single server (with lots of bandwidth) SurfSpeed is grabbing pages (and all page elements) from multiple sites with varying amounts of bandwidth. In addition, just like a real internet browser, SurfSpeed initiates multiple connections to get all of the page elements. Each connection uses time and that becomes a part of the SurfSpeed equation.
SurfSpeed behaves more like a real web browser than a bandwidth test and in doing so, gives you a unique measurement that more accurately reflects how you spend 90% of your time on the Web, whether your surfing or sitting (and waiting for a page to load).
The power of SurfSpeed lies in the community. Once you run SurfSpeed you can begin comparing your results to others. Each time you run a test, the results are sent to the PC Magazine servers. This data is then used to compare your speed to others in your zip code, state, country, and the World. You can also see how your ISP compares to others and how your ISP compares to itself from state to state.


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