Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch Videos on Veoh and MegaUpload sites without time limitation

MegaVideo has a time limit of 72 minutes, after that you have to wait 54 minutes to watch the video again. On Veoh site, you can only watch the first 5 minutes of the video and you have to install the Veoh TV in order to full view. These limit are very annoying when you find interesting clip but can’t watch it because of time restrictions.
illimituxBut luckily, here is one bypass way which let you remove all these annoying limits very easily. For this, you only need to have the Mozilla Firefox browser and a plugin – Illimitux.
With Illimitux extension, you can watch videos on some streaming platforms like MegaVideo, Veoh or MegaUpload without any restrictions.
Follow these simple steps:-
1. First download and install the Illimitux plugin in your Firefox browser.
2. Than you need to create a free account with Illumitux in order to use this service.
3. Now whenever you watch any video on Veoh or MegaVideo site, a small box will appear at the right bottom of the screen.
4. Click the Remove Limitation link to avoid the time limit. After that, that video will open in new tab where you can watch it completely. remove limitNow you can view more than 72 minutes of video on MegaVideo and play videos longer than 5 minutes on Veoh without installing Veoh TV.


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